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Emblems and badges: service is a verb for us

Our team consists of passionate emblems and patchesfreaks who every day have the goal to make a special artwork out of every design. We our proud of the 'emblem and badges team' and most of the time we are a well-oiled machine. We certainly do not only think that ourselves, but it is mainly confirmed by our satisfied customers. Not completely convinced yet? Then take a look at our review page, Facebook or view the Google reviews about our company. And yes, it is really true, we make everyone happy.

How do we make everyone happy?

First of all by being honest and by listening carefully, we do not shy away from a challenge, but we also say it when something really is not possible. On our website you will find a lot of information about the products we offer, but also information about the various emblems, the possibilities and impossibilities and the different finishes. Feel free to take a look, there is plenty to see and read. Do you prefer direct contact by email or telephone, which is ofcourse also possible because coffee and advice are always free with us! So bring on those beautiful, challenging, impossible drawings!

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