Material arts patches

Vechtsport emblemenWhat do judo, karate, taekwondo, kung fu, tai chi, aikido, hapkido, jiu jitsu have in common? First of all, it's difficult to spell and sometimes difficult to pronounce. But also that martial arts are becoming more and more popular. And how nice is it to express the pride of your sport in a beautiful way, for example by providing the suit with beautiful woven and/or embroidered emblems! And what do all these martial arts have in common with Martial arts requires a lot of discipline and is an application of the martial art and let us understand the art and of making the most beautiful martial arts emblems like no other.

CUSTOMIZED FIGHTING SPORTS EMBLEMS has been supplying emblems for many different purposes for over 25 years, including sports emblems. Embroidered emblems on a garment convey a sense of professionalism and recognisability. We like to think along to provide your association or club with beautiful badges. Curious about the possibilities? Simply and quickly fill out our quote form and receive the completely non-binding quote within 24 hours! delivers your martial arts emblems within two to three weeks. Do you need the badges sooner? Then an urgent delivery is also possible in consultation, please contact us.

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Martial arts are part of the broader term martial arts or material arts. The martial art has its origins in the East but has since been widely known in just about the whole world. The difference between martial arts and martial arts is that martial arts is all about competition and material arts emphasizes self-development, growth and discipline. has been making embroidered and woven emblems for this very special branch of sport for decades.

PRICES MARTIAL SPORTS PATCHES supplies the most beautiful custom martial arts emblems for judo, karate, taekwondo, boxing, kung fu, tai chi, aikido, jiu jitsu and hapkido. Our prices page contains a handy overview that makes it easy to calculate the prices yourself. For a custom quote, use our simple quote form.


At we embroider badges up to standard 9 or 10 colors (depending on the technique we use), for a small additional charge it's also possible to make emblems with more than 9 or 10 colors. More information about our prizes or martial arts badges? Feel free to contact us without obligation, coffee and advice are always free!