Callsigns/naambadges also makes personalized emblems. Think of a name ribbon, callsign, or CrossFit patches. The name emblems are always embroidered on a colored fabric with a choice of no less than 72 fabric colors. The edges of the fabric patch with letter or number combination are most of the times embroidered, with a choice of 350 thread colors.

We make all custom patches in any desired size and desired quantity. The name ribbons, callsigns and CrossFit patches are provided with velcro if desired, available in the colors black, white, army green, fluor and red. We can also supply the velcro separately so that you can wear your name tag on multiple garments.


All name badges that we make at are custom-made. No customer and no order is the same for us. Of course it is possible to re-order products. To guarantee a fast service, we use three steps:

  1. Submit the design or logo to us, including dimensions and quantities. We make an offer that we send within 24 hours.
  2. The next step is to make a detailed drawing of the design. After your agreement on this drawing, we will make a first name badge as a test. We will also send a photo of this for verification.
  3. The rest of the name badges are made when the trial version is approved.

Our delivery time is two to three weeks. In consultation it is possible to deliver callsigns faster. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Examples of callsigns and name badges.

Mijn ontwerp was zeer fijn en gedetailleerd, maar dat bleek geen probleem. Prachtig resultaat, soepele communicatie, snelle levering en een fijn persoonlijk contact. Kortom: superblij met mijn prachtige badges!



As a market leader with 20 years of experience, we know exactly which requirements these patches must meet. We have developed a special way of making the edges that are durable, so that they survive the rough work of the airsoft and crossfit athlete with ease. uses modern techniques, committed employees and materials of the highest quality. Furthermore, the badges are available throughout Europe and we always use fixed shipping costs.


Fill in the quotation form and we will send a customized quotation within 24 hours based on your wishes.


Employees of a company or members of an association are easily recognizable with name badges. By wearing a name badge during a meeting, party or exhibition, the logo makes it easy to see which company or association represents people. It is also quite possible to add name badges to work clothes. In that case it is ideal to attach the emblem in a more permanent way. Think of sewing, ironing or sticking. More information about name badges? Feel free to contact us, the employees of are happy to advise you.