Scouting emblems

Scouting emblemenFor making badges, game signs, patches and emblems for souting and of high quality, is the right place to be. Whether it is the logo of the association, a design for the ksa youth movement or a beautiful lasting memory of a summer camp, we are happy to think along with you. Many scouting badges are embroidered, but if this does not work because of too many details or too small letters, there are other alternatives such as weaving or we make a combination badge.

In the scouting world it is a tradition to sew the emblems on the clothing, another option is to provide them with an iron coating. We make the badges in detail according to your design, if you do not have a design, we can in most cases already work well with a nice picture or a simple sketch. We are happy to add any texts if desired, we also advise on the colors. Specific wishes are no problem at, we do not shy away from a challenge. The badges can be made in any desired shape.

Scouting emblemen


We make all scouting and Chiro badges completely custom. You send us a design and we advise on the most suitable emblems. To help you quickly, we use three simple steps that can be completed via the quotation form:Send us your design including numbers and dimensions.

    1. Send us your design including numbers and dimensions.We'll send you an advice and quatation within 24 hours.
    2. After agreeing to the quotation, we will make a detailed example of the insignia.
    3. Than we make a sample copy of which we send a clear photo. After you agree, we make the rest of the scouting badges. delivers the scouting badges within 2 to 3 weeks. Are the badges needed sooner? Than an urgent delivery is also possible in consultation, please contact us.

See examples of our scouting and Chiro badges below.

Very positive experience. Flexible service, all took place well within my timeframe. Very pleased with the price, quality, contact, and service.

Guido de Bruin - Scouting Zeist

The precision of the embroidery is definitely something to write home about. The service is great and you get the feeling that you really count as a client. I will definitely be coming back.

Remie Herben - Scouting Lord Baden Powell Maastricht
See more examples of Scouting emblems


We have been the market leader in making the most beautiful scouting badges of the highest quality for many years. We know exactly how to convert a design or logo into great badges at the best price.


Scouting is the largest association for youth members and young people worldwide. In total there are about 40 million members, spread over 60 countries. The emphasis in scouting is on sports, games, survival and undertaking various activities. Members can receive a special badge for skills. Collecting as many badges as possible is already a goal in itself for many scouting members. These logos must of course be able to take a beating, as many of the activities take place in nature. has therefore been producing special badges for associations throughout the Netherlands for many years. And also for the Belgian variant, the Chriro, have already made various emblems. Of course always fully customized and of the highest possible quality, because we do not settle for less.

PRIZES SCOUTING BADGES makes the most beautiful scouting and Chiro insignia for your scouting association. On our rates page you'll find an overview of the prices, so you can easily calculate the prices of the emblems yourself. The unit price is lower for larger orders. For a clear quotation, we make a customized quote. We send this within 24 hours and set-up costs and costs for the adhesive layer are included. The quote does not include shipping costs and VAT. Do you want to order more than 5,000 badges? Please indicate this on the quotation form.


We make scouting logos up to a size of 40 centimeters with a maximum of 10 colors. For a small additional charge it is of course also possible to make badges with more than 10 colors. Want to know more about scouting or Chiro insignia and the possibilities? Please contact us, we are happy to advise you on suitable badges!