Woven emblems

Geweven emblemen

Buying woven emblems is easy at Emblemen-badges.com. Weaving is the weaving of horizontal and vertical groups of threads into textile. We apply this very old technique mainly to emblems with a detailed design that cannot be embroidered in the traditional way. Woven badges are made with thinner thread making them suitable for creating detailed logos and graphics and small text. Another difference from an embroidered emblem is that they are lighter. This makes the woven emblems, for example, very suitable for sewing or ironing on a (football) shirt. The production of these emblems takes a week longer than with embroidered patches.

Woven emblems are easy to attach with an adhesive or ironing layer, velcro or by sewing them on. We make sure that the badges match the design in detail. Are there any specific wishes? Please let us know and we will gladly think along with you.


All woven emblems are tailor-made for our customers. We like to serve you quickly and accurately, we use three simple steps:

Send us your design, including numbers and dimensions. We will send you a customized quote within 24 hours.
We make an example drawing and after agreement on the drawing we first weave an emblem as a trial version. As a check we send a detailed photo of the test emblem.
After your approval, we put the rest of the emblems into production.
We deliver the logos within two to three weeks as standard. Do you need the emblems or labels sooner? Please contact us, urgent delivery is possible in consultation.

Below you'll find all woven emblems we made before.


We are the expert for making woven emblems. These badges are of the highest quality and match your design in detail. In addition, at Emblemen-badges.com almost everything is possible and we provide our customers with tailor-made advice. With our competitive prices, we have been the market leader for many years when it comes to woven emblems.



The prices of woven logo's depend on the size of the order, the use of color and the size. With a larger order, the price per piece is lower. Prices of woven emblems are easy to calculate yourself via our prices page. Do you prefer a precise quotation? We are happy to make an offer for you within 24 hours. Shipping costs and VAT are not included in the offer. Prices are based on logos with up to 6 colors.


Besides woven emblems, we also supply woven clothing labels.