Mouth masks with your logo

Mondkapjes Especially for your customers, employees, members or friends, you can now also come to us for custom masks. They are available in almost any color with a design / text / or logo of your choice and are available from 50 pieces

Onderstaande prijzen zijn vanaf prijzen : 

50 pieces   € 3.49 each 
100 pieces   € 2.99 each
200 pieces   € 2.69 each
300 pieces   € 2.49 each
500 pieces   € 2.19 each
1000 pieces   € 1.79 each  

All prices are ex VAT and shipping costs.

Mail us at for more information or fill in the quotationform and receive a custom made quote within 24 hours. Our capacity is limited because it is extremely labor intensive product so be quick because full is full :)